The Selection

Hey Happy Bookworms!!

So, during the summer holidays I read the whole selection series by Kiera Cass, it was really enjoyable and I spent quite a few days just curled up in my bed reading. I don’t regret a thing! 😂

A selection happens when the prince needs to marry, in this case, prince Maxon. They invite 30-something girls, ages 16-17 kinda age (can’t quite remember…) And the prince has to narrow the group down to 1 and find his true love/just marry one of them (poor guy). Anyway, America’s one of the girls to get chosen and at first she could never picture anything with Maxon but as their friendship flourishes, her old love appears in the palace as a guard.

I LOVED the first book, it was sooooooo good! It was just a crazy roller coaster of emotions. I fell in love with America, she’s the perfect protagonist. I read it over 2 days and knew I had to read the second book.

I was fully caught up in the America-Aspen-Maxon love triangle and quickly rushed to buy the second book and read it (which I did so in the span of one day –  I was obsessed guys!) Thing is, I don’t think the second one was as good, it was still good but not as good and a little bit of a let-down. I just thought that at some points it was a little confusing and rushed, and that all it needed was someone to smooth in out a bit.

Undeterred, I read the third one and it was THE BEST OF THEM ALL! I think that out of the whole series book 3 is the best, if you gave up after book 2 then don’t! You have to carry on to book 3! If you thought that book 1’s roller coaster was crazy then this was so much crazier! Book 1 was a child’s roller coaster and book 3 was the biggest one at the park, with like a height minimum of 8ft 10in, which would mean that literally the only person that could ride it would be Guinness world record holder Robert Wadlow (AKA the tallest man who’s ever lived (that we know of), at 8ft 11.1in)which is a pity as he’s dead…I’ll stop with this metaphor now as it’s getting kind of morbid… Anyway, great book and the end of America, not literally though as that would have been a horrible spoiler!

The 4th book is about Eadlyn, America’s daughter. The rest of this is going to be a huge spoiler so if you don’t want to know, don’t read on! Princess Eadlyn is now hosting her own selection with 30-something (still don’t know how many) boys. I didn’t like Eadlyn as much but I think that’s expected as the author purposefully makes her bratty and conceited, but as her story continues she grew on me, mainly because she changes her attitude to things.

The 5th and final book (if you don’t count all the extra stories, which I haven’t been because I haven’t read any of them) is still from Eadlyn’s POV and it’s just her finishing her selection. I wanted Kile to ‘win’ but I guess you can’t argue with true love. No, but I liked the ending, Kile get’s to help people with his architecture, Hale get’s to make the wedding dress, and Henri (Hopefully!) will make the wedding cake, because come on, he totally should!

Have you read the selection, or will you? Have you read any of the extras and are they worth a read?

*UPDATE!* My friend had ‘happily ever after’ (AKA: all the extras) and I borrowed it and read them all and loved it! I loved Amberly’s story and Maxon’s, but the best part was ‘the one’ continuation which was so good because we get more America!

Also, it’s the weirdest thing, I kept writing selection, selction, WHY?!


El xox

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