Willoughby Book Club: August

Hey Happy Bookworms!

So, yes, I know. My Willoughby series is in the wrong order. And extremely late. Tell me off for it. 😔

Anyway, the reason is because I finished To all the boys I’ve loved before ages ago and it’s been sitting in my drafts for a while, um…I kind of still haven’t finished How not to disappear…

Let’s get into it before my shame engulfs me 😂

How not to disappear by Clare Furniss. I’ll finish it but I’m reading it at school because then I have to, I’ve never looked forward to reading it. And if you know me, you know I don’t like to not finish a book. Basically, I don’t think it’s great.

It’s a contemporary novel about Hattie, who I think’s like 17/18, she finds out she’s pregnant, and also finds out she’s got a long-lost relative – Gloria – who’s in the early stages of dementia.

The beginning was confusing for me, basically it opens from Gloria’s perspective (she has little chapters here and there) but I didn’t know that, I didn’t realise the change in narrator, and Gloria & Hattie are quite similar, as Gloria’s chapters are told when she was Hattie’s age, so I was so confused! I was confused by the time periods, obviously as Hattie’s in the present, while Gloria is set just after WW2. I was also confused by Hattie’s and Gloria’s parents, because oh yeah, they’re not the same!

The book also forces lessons on sexism and racism that just make Hattie look extremely dumb and unaware of the world.

“No. Vinnie wouldn’t let her. His wife going out to work? He wouldn’t have stood for it. Mind you, that wasn’t unusual then. Once you were married you were expected to stay at home and devote yourself to looking after your husband.’ I shake my head. ‘But that’s so unfair.” (page 157)

“It’s amazing to think people were so hostile,’ I say. ‘So openly racist. Thank God things have changed.’ Gloria looks at me and raises an eyebrow. ‘Really?’ She says. ‘Everyone’s welcomed with open arms now, are they?’ She’s got a point.” (page 169)

It’s good to talk about these issues but Hattie’s meant to be smart! It’s so not in character.

Finally, I know that it’s meant to be exciting, with Gloria’s mysterious past, but I just don’t think it really is.

Basically, just not the kind of book for me 😂

If you’ve read it, what do you think? I’m sure if your thing is contemporary novels you’ll like it, as it’s got a 4.16 rating on Goodreads.

UPDATE: Now finished it! Woo! 🎉 Gloria’s story is actually interesting! But Hattie’s… well, not so much.


El xox

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