Book Update: June (2019)

Hey Happy Bookworms!

So I normally try to post these early so I don’t add to the end of month bombardment that we all get but I had my collab with Adi go up instead! So here we are, another June wrap up for y’all to read 🙂

I got about halfway through June & realised I’d hardly read anything, so most of these have been binge read in the last week or so 😂

As always, spoiler alerts will be put in place when needed ❤

King’s cage by Victoria Aveyard

35908454. sy475
I. Loved. This. Book. So. Much.

Maven’s character was 👌 just so good!

Ok, I don’t wanna give anything away so I’m just gonna talk about it generally.
Book 1 was pretty good
Book 2 was boring (apart from the end)
And book 3 was incredible like the whole imprisoned part is so, so, so good!
I just didn’t like the multi-perspectives thing, like, I signed up for Mare & thank god it wasn’t too often. Because I do not like Cameron, like I tolerate her as a 2nd character but as a main character? No thanks. Evangeline’s parts were fine, not gonna lie, didn’t mind those. But I didn’t sign up for the multi perspective & I know it was to further the story as you got the scarlet guard & all the other characters too but still, not what I signed up for.
I’m really curious as to if the next one will be multi perspective? We’ve got Mare back so it’s not needed but…? (I hope not)

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

40545843. sy475 Awwwww that was a sweet ending!
Honestly though, for the beginning of the book I thought the main character was a boy & I really couldn’t shake it through the whole story although I could kinda accept it at the end 😂
This was – I don’t even really know how to describe it – it had some pretty sweet moments & also some absolutely disgusting moments (do not read this if you’re Squeamish!) but it didn’t blow me away…

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer


This was a pretty good story – I loved reading it & it definitely has some great things for the progression of YA fantasy but at the same time it wasn’t incredible.

I loved all the characters & I love how the book normalises things instead of making them a huge plot point (like some books *cough cough*) I’m pretty sure one of the reasons this book is rated so highly is because Harper just has Cerebral palsy, like she just does & she’s still boss about it. The author does a great job of acknowledging it but not letting it be her defining feature, as with other representations in the book.
I liked Rhen & Harper but it annoyed me when he started pushing her away, like he full on just wouldn’t talk to her for ages & I was like bro, what are you trying to achieve?! Like I know this always happens in beauty & the beast retellings but it annoys me EVERY TIME.
*spoilers now* With Grey at the end I feel like he’s making a bit of a big deal out of it, like maybe Karis Luran knows but she can’t really prove it & people were already scoffing at the theory so…yeah, I feel like he’d probably be safer at court because now if someone finds him then it’s gonna be all well why did you pretend to die if you’ve got nothing to hide?!

Meat Market by Juno Dawson

41020256. sy475 Ahhhhhh! I love Juno Dawson’s writing so much! It’s such a balance to the candy-cute YA books we all read (no shade, they’re great too 😝)
I always like to compare her books to other books but with a grown up twist. So this is like the grown up version of geek girl.

It’s time to get real – the fashion industry, the good, the bad & the very, very ugly.
It’s a pretty great read, I loved the mystery of what the interview was, her experiences as a model, her schooling, Blo 😡 & also, I like the fact that she kept her boyfriend & best friend, which normally wouldn’t happen in a book like this because they’ve always gotta ‘outgrow their roots’.
Based in London & recently so all the pop culture references (it’s a game – how many can you spot?) but also features other parts of the world.
This also goes into the ethical & moral side of fashion (so some thought food for you all).

Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick

15109208. sy475 This was the book I read for my don’t judge a book by it’s cover challenge that I did with Adi so my review’s here.

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

38116316. sy475

Ayyyyyy! This was such a great follow up book to the hate u give (I mean that as in this isn’t a sequel but it’s after the events that happened) and it’s so cool seeing someone else’s perspective on it.
I also like the contrast of Starr going to that interview (in THUG) to Bri having more power to release it her way (speaking of – nothing really came from the music video apart from a little comment from Supreme, so that could’ve been followed up a bit more)

Anyway, it’s a great book & I really enjoyed it – loved all the character relations – and it’s also got loads of songs in there (for ppl that like having lyrics in books) Also, just me or should books with lyrics release a soundtrack so you can actually listen to the songs? (yes, yes they should!)

Angie Thomas’ next book is gonna be about a character we’ve already met, so I’m putting it out there that my guess is Miles?

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein

13481748Guys, I nearly didn’t read this book. I NEARLY DIDN’T READ THIS BOOK! What a disaster that would have been.

This is such a perfect, perfect, clever, clever book! I loved Verity – her charm & humour.
I can’t even write a proper review for this, it was just so incredibly good (so go put it on your TBR now!)
But here’re some reasons you should read this:
• interesting narration – the first half is in third & first person at the same time! (How? You’ll have to read it…)
• lying narrators (won’t say much about this but it was also used in 13 minutes by Sarah Pinborough & I think it’s SO interesting!)
• A war story – which I don’t normally like (they’re so sad!) but this one was SO good & still sad but so meaningfully sad 😭
• A character where you know you have to HATE him but he shows some kindness & humaneness & it messes with your moral compass
• Boss girls (with flaws, because we’re not perfect)
• some stuff on planes & mechanics so if that’s your thing then great but if it’s not (like me) it’s pretty easy to skim read
• there’s no romance, just friendship 💕
• it’s really trippy because you’re enjoying the story & then you suddenly get a little reminder of where Verity is…

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff 

25877135. sy475

I don’t normally read sci-fi (like at all) but I just fancied the sound of this one & everyone & their mothers loved it so…here we are.

As I don’t normally read sci-fi I can’t really comment on it’s sci-fi-ness or say if it’s a good sci-fi or not but I can comment on the story (because you know, I’m a book blogger 😂)
At the beginning it was good & all but I wasn’t really getting the hype, but as it continued – wow – just some of the moments. This book is actually super gory & should not be read by the faint hearted, it’s also down-right scary – I mean, deadly disease making people go mental & kill each other? BOUND to make some horror scenes (and they sure did – anyone remember the ‘help us’?) Plus the whole rogue AI (because who doesn’t need more mental?)
Because it’s such a largely populated story (3 whole ships worth of people) you can only imagine the deaths that will take place & obviously not all of them were documented but some are so um…don’t read this if you hate getting attached to ppl that die.
I love the whole idea of the book (I always call it mixed-media but I might be misusing that term) the way it collages everything together, it also just makes it a really easy book to just pick up whenever (and really hard to put down) ALSO HOW MUCH INK WAS USED TO MASS-PRINT THIS BOOK?
I also liked the banter between the characters, Ezra & his mates, Kady & Byron, Kady & Ezra – all good & funny! Saying that, it is quite a funny book in places, I say ‘quite’ cause I know I didn’t get all the jokes but it did make me chuckle a couple of times.
Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough!
A very clever book & I did really enjoy it 🙂

And happy pride month everyone! 🏳️‍🌈 I was so swamped with books I had to read that I didn’t read anything specifically for it but some of the books I read had LGBTQ+ characters so at least I kinda did read something?

Anyway, thanks for reading! How was your reading month? Opinions on the books above?


23 thoughts on “Book Update: June (2019)

  1. Amber says:

    Hey El! 💜
    Aww, so sorry I haven’t read this post yet! Really don’t know what is happening with me lately 💜 Gahh! You’ve read so many books, my reading has just nit been good lately… I seriously want to read a lot of these books! I actually asked for The Hate U Give for my birthday (next Friday) and I’m really looking forward to getting it 💜 Also, loads of people seem to be reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green and I do want to give it a go 💜
    Amazing post, sorry about the short comment just trying to catch up with everybody’s posts 😉
    Amber xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • El says:

      No problem!
      I’ve just binged, like, 15 posts 😂
      The hate you give was so good when I read it & on the come up definitely didn’t disappoint either! So I’m sure you’ll love them!
      Yeah, it’s weird, it’s having a total comeback! It was good but idk I just don’t think I really enjoy books like that?
      Love youuuu! 💕💕


  2. Aditi says:

    ooh it looks like all the books I’ve either read or heard of?? I luvvv John Green’s writing – it’s like transporting you to a different world and honestly I live for the mushy!! lol I’m in the process of convincing vaish to read his books!!
    I totally wanna read meat market – just sounds amazing. the whole premise sounds really interesting! I want to learn more about the fashion industry and all- the good and the bad.
    And omg I lovedd on the come up!! ahh I’m looking forward to her next book and it may just be Miles!! 💙 ACSDAL and Illuminae are both on my TBR!
    I hope you had a wonderful June, El!!! btw we haven’t texted in a bit?? I shall fix that lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    It looks like you have had a very good reading month especially for only half of the month!!
    I’ve read Turtles All The Way Down and I enjoyed but I wasn’t blown away either like you said!! Juno Dawson does sound she writes some interesting books— I’ve never read any of hers but I should check them out!!
    Code Name Verity sounds like an interesting book too– every time I see the cover it reminds me of Jackaby though!! 😂 I’m glad you loved it !!
    Illuminae does look like it uses a lot of ink for the book– every time I have opened it in a book shop I’m like ‘so much ink’!!! 😂 I do really want to read it though!!
    Happiest of reading for July!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • El says:

      I don’t really get the hype around it – like it was good but not ground-breaking?
      YOU HAVE TO READ JUNO DAWSON NOW! I love her books so much so you’re seriously missing out!
      *googles* yeah it does 😂 But code name verity really was a great book too – I had some great reads this month, I’m realising!
      Illuminae was good – I was worried because I don’t read sci-fi & some of my friends really disliked it but it was an interesting idea & well executed (what more could you want?!?
      Thank you – you too! 💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

        Yes I thought the same!! 😂 ahh… I will have to read her work!!
        Haha I’m glad you agree about the covers 😂 aww.. Good!!
        Yes sci-fi isn’t my usual genre but after all the hype I have to try it out!! It does sound good!!
        Thank you 💛

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Emma @ AFCTL says:

    Maven is my smol baby who doesn’t deserve hate, I blame Elara, not him 😦 OMG Yes! I made a comment on another book that didn’t have an attached soundtrack, even though the author repeatedly said in the book that music should be heard not read? I love playlists with books. Looks like a really productive month, I hope July is good as well!
    -Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Vaishnavi says:

    oof, the sweet and mushy moments sound exactly like john green’s writing >.< I've only read "the fault in the stars", so I don't know much about the *very* extreme opinions surrounding him. some say his writing is out of this world and others say all his books are the same?? anyway, I really want to read "turtles all the way down", but my school library says 'we're too young' :(( plus, we're the only school which that rule is applied to. what do you think, el, should I make a declaration? anyway, I reallyreallyreally want to read "an abundance of katherines", because my friend claims that it was his best book, and the premise seems odd.. but interesting.

    is "meat market" like a non-fiction style book? I need to read juno dawson's writing! it's not often enough that books portraying underrated topics like these are presented to young adults, so I love the idea. but I actually have no general knowledge of the fashion industry (whatsoever), other than the knowledge that it's a huge contributor to climate change. but I dunno, I also don't know what to expect because whenever I think of the fashion industry, I think of noir-inspired mafia characters stealthily making their way into the publics' minds. do I have an overactive imagination? maybe I do. you might have to send for help 😂

    — puts "code name verity" on hold rn —
    — inserts twenty blue hearts but is too lazy so thou shall type it —

    Liked by 1 person

    • El says:

      I know what you mean! John Green is a bit of a marmite writer – I’ve never been crazy about any of his books but they’re alright (I just don’t really think they’re my thing)
      That sucks! My school has some books that aren’t for certain years but normally we can just bring a note from our parents saying we can read it. You should ask why you’re too young because I can’t think of anything that’s really mature in there :/
      I’ve never read an abundance of Katherines so you’ll have to tell me how it is when you get round to it!

      Nah, Meat Market isn’t one of her non-fiction works. But you really do! I love, love, love her books! I really need to get round to reading one of her non-fiction books to see if I like that!
      I really love reading books that go into darker topics – they’re my favourite kinda ‘real life’ books 😝
      No Mafia involved (well, there are some dodgy Russian guys in suits…)
      I thought code name verity would be your thing! I don’t know why but I just thought you’d like it! 😂💕

      Liked by 1 person

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