Rereading Books

Hey Happy Bookworms!

So….I’m late – I’m sorry! I’ve been so good at keeping on schedule but I had rehearsal and had to revise history (The test went alright…I think….I hope)

Anyway, I’m here to discuss the age old war over rereaders and non-rereaders (how many prefixes can I fit onto one word?)

Hope you enjoy…

What is rereading?

Simply reading a book or series again, mainly because they’re your favourites or simply because you just like the book.

Why do people reread?

A lot of people feel really emotionally attached to characters & books so it feels like a comfort to reread them, these books are normally more simple contemporary books and are quite often quick reads for people. These are the kinds of books that people really love and so can read over & over, they’re also a lot of people’s cure for reading slumps as it’s a known book they’ll enjoy.
More complex books can be good to reread so you can spot hints & signs from the author that you would have missed the first time without knowing the outcome. It can also make confusing books more fun to read as you’ll know what’s going on, unlike the first time when you were too caught up in trying to remember 50 names & personalities of characters XD

I’ve talked about rereading to Lais @ the bookish skies quite a lot and the main thing I’ve gleaned (correct me if I’m wrong) is that she likes the knowing of rereading, the predictability & almost safety of knowing what’s going to happen to the characters.

Why don’t people reread?

I think very few people never reread books because there’s always that book that you love to pieces or read ages ago & want to revisit so I’m going to be talking about why some people don’t spend a lot of time rereading.

The main argument is there’re so many new books (*googles* apparently around 30,000 YA books published per year!) Why would you go back and reread a book when there are so many more to be discovered?!
Then there’s the flip side of predictability, some people don’t like that they know what happens and this can ruin a book, especially a plot twist heavy book. And some books just don’t lend themselves to being reread as they’re mainly based on shock-factor or big reveals.
Finally, books change. And the style of YA now is very different to the style of a couple of years ago. A book that you really liked then, you could hate now (this also applies to target ages for books, eg: rereading a book targeted at children when you’re an adult & expecting to like it just as much) This would tarnish your memory of the book & also be unfair to the book (if you’re not the intended reader).

My opinion:

Personally, I’m not a rereader. I have reread books but they’re normally simpler books that I read for the comedy, characters/romance, or memories.
I’m a big plot reader & a good plot is really important to my enjoyment of books so rereading isn’t a great option for me as it ruins one of the biggest things in a book. This means I don’t reread often but when I do – it’s a sign of a really special book! *awards gold star to any rereads* ⭐

Thanks for reading!

Your opinions on rereading? Are you team yes or team no? And why? Join in on the discussion!

(Also happy blogiversary Adi – love you 🤗🤗)


25 thoughts on “Rereading Books

  1. Lais @ The Bookish Skies says:

    i looove this post! i’ve been wanting to write a discussion on re-reading for a while now, but i’m waiting until i actually stumble upon a re-read that makes me feel completely different compared to when i first read them. so far, since i’ve only been re-reading ultimate favorites, i obviously still love them all, hahah. but i want to re-read more books in the future and i’m sure there will come a time where i’ll hate a book i once loved, but i’m lowkey anticipating that. it will end up in a good discussion, i hope! hahah.
    but with my TBR growing everyday, i definitely understand how re-reading can look like a waste of time. i also think if you’re a fan of plot, i’m sure it’s boring to re-read the same thing all over again, when you already know how it will end. there are a few movies i feel like this way towards, especially action movies. i feel like when you already know how everything will be wrapped up, it’s not as exciting anymore. it’s not like you’ll be in the edge of your seat or anything.
    but still, re-reading brings me so much joy! i’m sure i’ll continue to do so!

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    • El says:

      Yes! I’m always so interested in the other side of the argument! Since I know you’re basically the polar opposite 😂
      The action movie analogy is actually really good! I feel like a lot of the time people just don’t get why I read for a good plot!
      Thank you for reading! 💕

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  2. Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical says:

    I really love rereading – even though rereading can sort of hinders me from reading new books, I don’t really mind that? I read for pleasure, so I’d rather read what I *want* to, even if it’s a reread, than force myself to always read new books. Obviously, I know a lot of people who dislike rereading, and that’s just as valid!!

    For me it’s, like you said, about re-visiting characters, stories and worlds I really love. Also, I tend to reread a lot towards my exam period, because rereads are great stress-revilers for me; in part because yes, the stakes feel low, because I’ve already know what’s going to happen. More so because I can skip through the book, skim the descriptions and get to my favorite moments.

    Also, I’ve went back for a reread of my old favorites before – it’s cool to revisit them, see how my opinion has changed, or what I’ve forgotten. 😀

    Great discussion!

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    • El says:

      I understand that – why risk hating a new book when you’ve got tried & true faves already? Especially in a stressful situation like exams.

      I’ve never really been much of a skim reader but I can see why that would be good, I never want to skip parts but I guess with rereading that wouldn’t matter.

      But yes! I reread the selection & it is so trashy, omg 😂 I wouldn’t like reading it now but because I already had a kinda bond to it, it was more nostalgic than cringe.

      Thank you! 💕

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  3. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    This post have come at the most perfect time but I am rereading a favourite series (this is like my first time rereading something except when I was young and had no new books with me) so could it be fate?!?!
    I used to never reread because I wanted to focus on books I hadn’t read (also 30,000 YA books a year!!! How it is that many?!!?!?) and I never really saw the point, kind of like I had been there, done that but I decided to pick up an old favourite and I have been enjoying it so much– you get to notice little details and the foreshadowing so I think I’ve gotten a deeper appreciation of the writing and the story. Also it is so comforting to be back with your favourite characters and to just read something you know you love. I was actually surprised by how much I am enjoyed rereading but I do agree with all your reasons why you might not reread and definitely think it depends on the person but I’m glad I gave it a chance as it has paid off for me!!
    Great post– I loved reading it!! ❤

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  4. vaishnavi says:

    rereader all the way! but then again… *eyes thick fantasy YA novels* maybe not. i really like re-reading if i’m feeling particularly nostalgic or am in a slump like you said, and one book i always return to is “absolutely almost”. it’s not really that good (apologizes to lisa graff) but it’s comfortable and i know it so *shrugs*

    ALSO YOU’LL DO FINEEE ON YOUR TEST. *says this after bombing hers*

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    • El says:

      I totally get you! There’s this one book that I’ve reread like 7 or something times (which I never do, EVER) but this book just feels like home to me & I have no clue why but it just does 😂

      I really hope so & I’m sure you’ll still do fine too! 💕

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  5. Aditi says:

    also I love prefixes, so go ahead, sis 😂
    I actually do re-read a lot! I re-read for books that I love (I can always re-read HP or any RR books!!) and if it’s been a while since I read it. You brought up a gr9 point, love itttt <333
    OMG THANKS FOR THE MENTION!!!! Awww love you too!! 😍

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    • El says:

      Yeah! Sometimes you just realise different things – a lot about how the characters react to things, when you first read it you think they’re being idiots but then when you reread it & know the ending it suddenly all makes sense!
      Thanks for commenting! 💕

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  6. Ju The Dodo says:

    I do reread books that I develop an attachment with on a personal level. You know, the books that make me comfortable and give subtle lessons that resonate with me as a teenager.
    Grear post!❤

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  7. beckythemothling says:

    I don’t reread as much anymore, but at least one reread can really help me understand what’s going on. I’m a fast reader, but sometimes I can accidentally skim, so rereading can help me pick up on what I missed. I think I’m better at not skimming now though, so I don’t reread nearly as much. Although there are still those few special books that I can reread over and over and over.

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    • El says:

      I’ve never been a skim reader but I can totally understand why rereading would be good for that.
      Yes! There’s always a book that just feels like home whenever you reread it – god, this has put me in the mood for a reread! 😂

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