The Fancè Fall Tag (And an announcement!)

Hey happy bookworms!

So Bayance tagged me for this! And only me, honestly, this is so stressful! But she left the responsibility solely to me so I had to finally get round to doing a tag in time so that I didn’t completely fail her 😂

And this is my first autumnal post so yay! Go pumpkins! 🎃 (shhhh…I know it’s late! But next week will also be halloweeny so forgive me)

Bayance’s writing is all above the images & mine is below (It’ll make sense when you read it)

*remember to stay tuned for the announcement at the end!*


  1. Pick from the options your nominator left you.
  2. Nominate one person to continue the perfect fall challenge (pick wiselyyy)
  3. Copy and past the options your nominator left you but add one more to each category (*don’t add new categories, add new options within the categories)!
  4. Don’t forget to credit Bayance!


Congratulations, you’ve been selected to go on a free trip to any of the following places to spend your autumn. Which will you pick?

a). Saxony, Germany

Image result for devil's bridge saxony germany

b). Kachanaburi, Thailand

Kanchanaburi • Thailand

c). Scottish Highlands

Image result for highlands scotland autumn

ooohhhh exciting! Hopefully it’s a trip I actually applied for though 😂
I’m going to go for Germany – those leaves are just perfect! 🍁 (that’s for Canadian Bayance)


You arrive at the airport and it’s time to choose the residence vibe you want to spend all month in.

a). Tech-savvy Hotel

Image result for technological hotel

b). Cabin

Image result for cabin

c). Underwater

Image result for underwater hotel

umm…not gonna lie, these all look extremely creepy & with a lot of murder opportunities but I guess it is Halloween after all! Think I’ll go with the underwater one AND it could be under the lake of the previous answer – so really, just get me to plan your next holiday resort because I’m obviously great at it!


Nothing says fall like a traditional fall breakfast.

a). Muffins & Tea

Image result for fall muffins

b). Cinnabon

Image result for fall cinnabons

c). Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Image result for fall pumpkin spice smoothie

I’ve never had pumpkin spice anything so I’m going to rule that one out. Muffins sound ok but honestly, how could you look at this & not want one of those cinnabons?!


And nothing says fall like a good book. Which book would you rather read?

a). Girl Made of Stars

Image result for girl twin brother stars book

b). Harry Potter

Image result for harry potter book

c). Pride & Prejudice

Image result for pride and prejudice book

Pride & Prejudice has been on my TBR for ages (Bayance, how did you know?!) but I’m currently reading Northanger Abbey so maybe that would be a bit of a Jane Austen overload? So I think I’d go with Harry Potter but the 4th one because that’s where I’m up to.


Whether you like makeup or not, nothing says fall vibes like Instagram makeup looks (I need to stop with the ‘nothing says fall like..’ statements I swear-)

a). Smokey Eye + Dark Lips

Image result for fall makeup looks

b). Bright Red + Eyeliner

Image result for red lips eyeliner

c). Natural

Image result for natural  makeup

Smokey eye is pretty but I’m going to have to go with natural because, effort.

6). Fall Outfit

Aah fall fashion is my favouriteee!

a). Sweater weather + ripped jeans

Image result for fall sweater

b). Sweatpants + denim jackets

Image result for sweatpants and denim jacket

c). Faux fur jacket

Image result for faux fur jacket

Omg mine tooooo! I’m going to have to go with sweater weather (shout out the NBHD! please tell me if you get that) So, sorry mum, but ripped jeans it is 😇


a). Attend a fall fair

Image result for fall fair

b). Pumpkin picking

Image result for pumpkin picking

c). Biking

Image result for biking falll

And this is the end of Bayance’s comments *we all cry* 😭 Pumpkin picking isn’t really a thing over here – we all just go to the supermarket and buy one. I mean, you get a choice of around 20 so there’s that… Think I’m going to the fair! Get me a toffee apple 🙂


a). Pumpkin spice

Image result for pumpkin spice candle

b). Vanilla

Image result for vanilla candle

c). Cinnamon

Image result for cinnamon candle

I’ve never really been big into candles but maybe vanilla?


a). Leaf wreath

Image result for journal cover autmn

b). Abstract

Image result for notebook cover autumn ideas

c). Pumpkin

Image result for pumpkin notebook cover

Is it just me or do the pumpkins look kinda weird? I mean, they’re all wearing flower crowns or something – IT’S AUTUMN NOT SPRING. (Sorry, Bayance) Abstract is really nice but I think I’m going to go for the leaf wreath because, well, it rhymes, how could I not?


a). Pecan pie

Image result for pecan pie

b). Caramel apples

Image result for caramel apples

c). Hot chocolate and cookies

Image result for hot chocolate and cookies

I don’t really like pie (I know, I’m sorry!), so that’s out. I don’t think I’ve ever had a caramel apple but I think they’d be even nicer than toffee apples but HOT CHOCOLATE & COOKIES! My mind is made.

I’m nominating *dun dun duhhhh*


Since you did your last one so quick and we need someone who will continue this tag!

I’m adding: (all images taken from pinterest)

1. New York, USA

2. Cottage (Let’s get some English charm in there!)Castle Combe in Autumn, Wiltshire, Cotswolds

3. pecan pancakes Vegan pumpkin pancakes - super fluffy, lightly spiced, easy to make and utterly delicious; these pancakes are perfect for a cozy Autumn breakfast. #vegan #pumpkin #pumpkinspice #pancakes #brunch

4. 13 minutes (my favourite thriller)

26842622. sy475

5. Halloween make up

6. skirt + jumper

7. Halloween baking

Fancy Halloween Decoration Ideas For This Season 27

8.  crisp morning air

Image result for crisp morning air bath and body works

9.  illustrated leaves

Mini Notebook Soft Cover Journal Fall Notebook Forest image 0

10. Brown sugar, cinnamon ice cream

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream Recipe

Thank you guys for reading this long post! I’m not actually sure if it is that long, the pictures just make it feel long but hey, it’s in the style of Bayance, ok?!

Now for the announcement!

I’m going to be part of another blog! Now don’t worry, I’m definitely not leaving you guys but this is such a great project that I’m really excited for (you have no clue how cool this is going to be!) It’s going to be a little different to any blog you’ve seen before – it’s going to have a whole range of different posts and a…story line! 
Anyway, below is a form for being part of the blog tour & I’d really appreciate it if you wanted to get involved! 💕
The master mind of this idea is Adi @ one in a million so if you have any questions then she’d be happy to help or if you wanna ask me then I’ll answer to the best of my ability!

How’s your October going? What’s the most autumnal thing you’ve done? Excited for the diamond village? Have you signed up for the blog tour?



32 thoughts on “The Fancè Fall Tag (And an announcement!)

  1. Kiwi Katastrophes says:

    This was so much fun to read, although I love all of your posts! I’m sorry for how short this comment will be haha, but I’m in a car! Just wanted to say it was amazing as always though, and can’t wait to read the new blog! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lais @ The Bookish Skies says:

    wow, i’d already have such a hard time from that first question alone!
    i’ve been dreaming about scotland lately, as i’ve seen a few people i love on youtube vlogging their trips to Edinburgh. but those leaves in germany though!
    i thought the cabin looked adorable and not creepy at all, but then again, what do i know about cabins, lol. i guess it can get pretty scary at night, especially if you’re miles away from the city.
    i’d totally choose the fair too. it is one of my dreams to go to one of those! we have them where i live from time to time, but all the rides are for kids only, so adults go mostly for the food. it’s no fun, though! i love those rides and every time i see it in movies, it looks super fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • El says:

      I’ve only ever been to Scotland once & that was to visit friends. But we do have this one picture of all of us wrapped up on these snowy mountains 😂
      We don’t really have fall fairs which is so sad 😦 I guess I must have been to one once because I remember eating toffee apples but they’re definitely not regular but maybe that’s because I live in the city?
      Thanks for reading! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    This is such a unique tag and I love all the autumnal vibes, I think I would have to go to the Scottish Highlands for the first question because I love Scotland but Germany does look amazing!!
    Yes I could see all of those hotels/(places to sleep?) being in scary movies, haha!!
    And vanilla candles are the best candles EVER, I love the smell so much!!
    Great tag!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • El says:

      I’ve just been reading Macbeth in school so would rather avoid seeing the Witches or Banquo’s ghost 😂
      I only own one candle (and it’s vanilla) so I would have to agree but with little market research to compare against!
      Thank you 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  4. vaishnavi says:

    *instantly clicks on post after seeing the word fall*

    i actually laughed so much when i read “these all look extremely creepy & with a lot of murder opportunities” YES. like, don’t judge me for thinking that the school of fish is going to slowly band together in this ax-shaped like freaking nemo and smash the glass. the cabin looks pretty cool butttt the hotel looks like a room from “spy kids”. JUST GIVE ME A REASON TO EAT CINNABON. i. am. in. lOVE with cinnabon! my favorite memory of it was just walking outside on a really chilly day and taking a bite of that warm, frosty goodness. so good. *sniffles* also, i’ve met someone who’s listened to sweater weather! this is hands-down my favorite song by the NBHD, and it’s just such a bop.

    p.s. i so wish we had toffee apples here.
    p.p.s. i need more thrillers in my life– 13 minutes seems really interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • El says:

      Fish ARE scary – I mean pufferfish have literal deadly spikes on them & I don’t know about you but I don’t wanna wake up with cracked glass and a pufferfish army around my face.
      OMG I’M SO JEALOUS!! Why has everyone had one o FB these delicious looking Cinnabons but I HAVE NOT?!?!? I complain.
      Yay! I always love meeting someone who appreciates good music *tear for all those sad, sad ppl that don’t* I love sweater weather 🧶 (they don’t have a sweater emoji so this was the closest I could get)

      Yes! I loved 13 minutes – you have to read it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Charlotte says:

    Interesting tag, I don’t think Ive seen one like this before (: all of the places in the first question look beautiful but I’d never, ever go near the robot in the second… It’s so creepy 😅 I’ve never heard of a Cinnabon but I agree, they look divine and now I really want to try one

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Aditi says:

    OMG THE HALLOWEEN COOKIED ARE C R E E P Y I think I’m gonna have nightmares 😭 and thanks for the announcement! Also, I’m glad you didn’t tag me hehe that would be too STRESSFUL.

    Liked by 1 person

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