Sunshine Blogger Award #3 (It’s nearly the end of Summer – how did THAT happen?!)

Hey Happy bookworms!

Yes this is a bit late but what’s new? NEXT WEEK’S POST THOUGH it’s gonna be fun so mark it down in your calendars & get excited.

Anyway, today we’re celebrating the long awaited return of my blogging bestie Adi (who has been too busy at maths camp to blog, the little nerdy nerd) Anyway she tagged me in the sunshine blogger award (thank you thank you thank you) so here we are *jazz hands*

1. How have you been passing time during quarantine?

10 points to whoever guesses correctly, drum roll please: reading *ding ding* Also netflix – where would we be without netflix? For anyone interested I’m currently binging Gilmore Girls & I love it (why has it taken me so long to get round to it??)

2. Do you have any family recipes?

ummm no kinda I’m not sure? But let me take this opportunity to say I make a mean scone.

3. What widely-beloved author’s work do you hate?

Hate is a strong word, when I don’t like books I laugh at them (is that any better?) Sarah J. Maas’ ACOTAR was a hilarious endeavor for me – much laughter.
But maybe more on the hate side are John Green’s books. I don’t know they’re just not for me, too meaninglessly sad & that’s coming from the queen of depressing music & the most emotional smol bean.

4. Do you have any unpopular opinions?

^ see question above

5. Do you bullet journal?

No, I would love to & semi-started once but it never stuck. Mainly because I spend too much time on my graphics & textiles portfolios for me to be able to look at another aesthetic project & not be sick.

6. If you had one wish from a genie and it had to be selfish (no solving world peace, sadly) what would you choose?

One word: Books. Some more words: I mean snazzy house with a huge empty library that I can full up with my unlimited credit card thank you.

7. How would you rate your 2020 from 1 to 10, and why?

haha extremely stressful but I think 2021 is going to be worse so by the laws of maths it can’t be less than 1. All years have their up points & down points though.

8. Have you accomplished any of your goals for 2020?

So I had a look at the goals list I wrote in my diary at the beginning of the year & they’re all quite abstract but I think I’m going ok. A bookish thing on there was to & I quote “tackle the TBR! *dun dun duhhh*” (yes I talk like that to myself) and that is finally FINALLY going better.

First book you’d buy with your unlimited credit card for your new huge empty library in your new snazzy house?

Also! I changed my profile pic so that really is me & not some imposter 😅

36 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #3 (It’s nearly the end of Summer – how did THAT happen?!)

  1. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations on the award. I somehow haven’t ever watched Gilmore Girls 🙈 I saw the odd episode and really enjoyed it but never managed to catch it from the start. And I guess watching it on Netflix seems kind of daunting as there are so many episodes 😂 I’ll have to try sometime though.
    Yes a massive library with unlimited funds would be amazing!! My first book for it would maybe be this really pretty edition of The Brothers Grimm that I’ve seen oddly. I have no idea how I’ll find the originals but I’d love to read them as retellings are something I’d be interested in trying to write one day. Or maybe, as you said funds are unlimited, I’d try to bribe myself an early copy of Little Thieves 😅
    Ooh scones. I’m apparently pretty good at making cheese ones. (: I think they’re quite fun to make and fairly quick too.

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    • El says:

      I understand how you feel! At the moment I’m stuck between series & really need to start a new one but don’t wanna commit :/
      Although I did kinda binge the whole of friends at the beginning of lockdown whoopssss 😬
      Gilmore girls is definitely worth it though & the kinda thing were you can binge a series, leave it for a couple months and pick up where you left off.
      Oooo special editions 😍 Definitely, they’re always so pretty but also I wouldn’t want to read them in case I got them messy! But I guess with unlimited funds I could just buy another one haha

      I once made pizza scones at school and they were actually pretty good despite the fact I had to guess measurements but they had lumps of mozzarella in & just out the oven they were the perfect melted cheese – like you took a bite & it created cheese strings 😅

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      • Charlotte says:

        Aww well I hope you get to watch something soon then. Oh wow that must have taken a while 😅 I always used to watch it on E4. ah well I definitely hope to watch it at some point.

        I totally understand that fear. I’ve started taking dust jackets off of hardbacks now so I can’t damage them whilst reading.

        Omg that sounds amazing. Malty cheese is the best 😍 my school cooking was non existent. We literally just had to do written all of the time -_-

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        • El says:

          Same! I never understood the dust jacket thing but I’ve started doing it now because it actually makes a whole lotta sense?? Why wasn’t younger me doing this? 😅

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          • Charlotte says:

            Because they liked the pretty covers?? Tbh it still kind of bothers me at times if I have a book with a stunning jacket but plain undercover and it’s on my bedside table 😂


    • El says:

      Honestly mine wasn’t going great until I made the realisation that i don’t have to read books that I put on my TBR years ago?? Like if I don’t want to read it then I’m allowed to take it off 😅
      I really hope you get through some of your TBR but if you don’t then I just hope you read some really good books instead 💞

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  2. Abi @ Scribbles and Stories says:

    I’m loving the new theme! I’m on mobile so I can’t fully appreciate it but I’ll definitely get a proper look on my computer soon.

    Honestly same about the bullet journal, I’ve thought about it but I know I’d give up within a week so I decided to just buy a planner and use pretty pens 😂

    That’s an excellent use of your genie wish – a house, a library and an infinite credit card! I’m definitely copying that if I ever come across a magic lamp!

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    • El says:

      Thank you! 🥰

      Yes I’d be super down the first day & probably make a bunch of useless pages that are just annoying to fill in 😅

      I feel like an infinite credit card would solve all my problems – I mean that’s how I’m buying my snazzy house with a snazzy library 😂

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  3. Ruby Rae Reads says:

    Ah loved reading all your answers!! Wish I could stay the same about reading. Well I was reading a ton but haven’t in like the past month welp. But GILMORE GIRLS YESSSS!!!! That I did watch and yay so glad you’re enjoying, one of my faves. I also ~tried~ to bullet joural but am SO lazy and never update it whoopps

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    • El says:

      Ok so I was leaving like 2 weeks at the end of the holiday to just read & read & read – I put so many good books on hold & brought some books & got some great ARCs & here I am doing NOTHING low key mad at myself for not being able to consume a book in 0.2 seconds 😖 it’s an important life skill & I need it
      But yessss Gilmore girls! ☺️ so glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon 💞

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  4. Amber says:

    Omg to have a library in your house though! 😭 First book I’d buy would have to be All These Beautiful Strangers, I got it from the library and loved it so ugh and I want a copy 🥺 I really hope your 2021 goes okay though, I can imagine it’s going to be a stressful year though, best of luck with your exams (I know you’re going to ace them ❤️). I love the new profile pic! John Green seems to be really raved about, I do want to give him a try but I also don’t really like sad books? Like if they’re going to be sad then they have to be written properly and not just a depressing read 😩 Wonderful post El and I’d probably wish for someone who could work out a schedule where I could balance out everything in my life 😂

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    • El says:

      Ooo yes I’d want so many books with pretty covers AND OMG COLLECTORS EDITIONS AHHHHHH

      Hmmm yeah we’ll see 😅 hope your new year goes great too 🤗
      The best I’ve read is looking for Alaska I think but 🤷‍♀️

      Haha yes or a genius that can sit my GCSEs for me 👀

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      • Amber says:

        Ah me too AND OMG YES!

        Try stay positive and I hope so, year 10 isn’t THAT hard right? 🤭 I’m kidding I don’t know how I’m going to survive 😂

        Haha good idea but you don’t need a genius, you’re going to ace them! ❤️❤️

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    • El says:

      I think a lot of non-readers love them – like people that read but aren’t crazy obsessed like us 😂 So they haven’t built up a whole repertoire to compare them to because there are so many better books out there! Of course some avid readers love them but that’s just my theory 🤷‍♀️


  5. xoxlucy says:

    Hahah, yep reading is life! Honestly same about John Green. I’ve read four of his books now and besides liking A Fault in Our Stars( though not nearly as much as everyone does), his writing and story plots are just not for me!
    Congrats on the award 🙂

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  6. Aditi says:

    just kidding i am a little nerdy nerd we all know- but also COME ON,,, my math camp ended in July, stahhhp 😡😡
    i love the new design but i saw this tag in my notifs and i was like “oh who tagged me ugh what is this” but it was YOU sjsj

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  7. Eleanor J. says:

    Great answers El! Ooh “First book you’d buy with your unlimited credit card for your new huge empty library in your new snazzy house?” what a beautiful question for the comments 😄 Hmmm….hmmmm….wow this is really hard….*scratches head* I’m satisfied (for now) with two books I got very recently — Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom! Does that count? 😂

    Hope tackling your TBR goes well!!!!!!

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  8. Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

    tho if I had a wish I’d use it for a small house somewhere and like small neatly cluttered houses are my jam tbh OOH AND ACTUALLY NO I’D WISH FOR A DRAGON HAH dragons
    Oh the first book I’d buy would honestly just be CG Drew’s next book because I cANNOT WAIT for her to publish another book omJG

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