Hey Happy Bookworms, to be Happy Bookworms & passers by!

Welcome to ElatedBooks!

I’ll keep this short so you can get on with the more exciting stuffΒ  *cough* my posts *cough*

I’d always liked the idea of blogging, I mean, my own little corner of the internet – what not to love?! (Also probably fueled by my Zoella girl online craze when I was like 11) But I never knew how to go about it without the means to buy my own domain or whatnot so when wordpress was first introduced to me it was honestly like a dream come true! And while we’ve definitely been through many trials & tribulations, I was determined to succeed in my endeavors to realise my childish dreams but with a lot more pizzazz and sparkle and much much much more professionalism (try saying pizzazz & sparkle with a straight face) ✨

This blog is mainly about the books I read; which of themselves are a huge melting pot of genres, ages & perspectives. It’s the most interesting thing to me how other people think so I will read practically anything if well recommended. Not to mention all the other bookish & non-bookish stuff I do on here – I like the fact that it’s pretty random (keeps you on your toes!)
I like to think that I’m pretty funny (idk you can be the judge of that I guess?) so I hope you stick around but I think the best thing to do is to just jump into one of my recent posts and judge me

I love blogging and making new friends on here so please drop a comment on any post that takes your fancy so we can talk ☺️

I Hope you enjoy!