Official Hiatus Announcement

Hey Happy Bookworms! I know I've disappeared for ages already but I finally made a blogging game plan so I can let you guys know what's up in case you've been wondering. Basically it's exam season & it's super duper intense so of course I've gotta skip out on that for awhile but after that … Continue reading Official Hiatus Announcement

Book Update (Jan + Feb)

Heyyyyy Happy Bookworms!(uses extended letters to hide that she's disappeared for 2 months) So. Yes. I did warn you! This year is a bit mad for me and sprinkle a little bit of Covid on top and I'm vaguely living a nightmare. But it's fine. I'm fine. I'm still figuring out how to fit blogging … Continue reading Book Update (Jan + Feb)

The ghostie returns (*cough* that’s me ðŸ‘»)

Wow how badly *cough* jokes have aged. Guess who's back? Back again, El is back, Tell a friend ✌ *uses cringy Eminem meme to distract you from her disappearance* Ummmmmm hey happy Bookworms? 😬 Soooooooooo who liked my disappearing act? Impressive right? 😁 I know, I know- unannounced hiatuses aren't cool but I completely underestimated … Continue reading The ghostie returns (*cough* that’s me ðŸ‘»)