Recreating Book Covers (Ft. Ash @ Starlight Strands)

Hey Happy Bookworms! I've got a really fun post today that I've been looking forward to for ages! So I saw May @ my 1st chapter recreate the lunar chronicles digitally & I LOVED the idea! I immediately wanted to try it out but in watercolour & then I thought what would make this 100 … Continue reading Recreating Book Covers (Ft. Ash @ Starlight Strands)

2020 O.W.L Readathon TBR

Hey Happy Bookworms! I've had this event marked in my calendar FOR A WHOLE YEAR so I am super excited to be doing it right now! It's also come at kinda the perfect time - I need more motivation to read, I have a bunch of time & I'm nearly finished HP! Basically, if you … Continue reading 2020 O.W.L Readathon TBR