Book Update: April (2020) + finishing O.W.L.s!

Hey Happy Bookworms! So I finished my O.W.L.s!! 🎉🎉 I actually did way better than I expected & even picked up a couple extra 🙂 So pretty proud of myself all in all  - eh I don't have anything to ramble on about so let's get into this! Indigo's Star by Hilary McKay I read … Continue reading Book Update: April (2020) + finishing O.W.L.s!

Book update: August (2019)

Hey happy bookworms! So August was the month of summer holidays & an exploration into netgalley for me!Summer meant I read a lot anyway but I also started a netgalley account so I've read some quite random books to pad out my bio (so if you're wondering 'El, this isn't your typical thing?' Then that's … Continue reading Book update: August (2019)