Coronavirus TBR (ft. Life update + I’m back!!)

Hey Happy Bookworms! Long time no see! I've missed 2 posts now 😦 The first one was just because I was really busy & the 2nd because I was adjusting to home schooling so A LOT has changed since I've last posted! I hope you're all well & safe & adapting to working from home … Continue reading Coronavirus TBR (ft. Life update + I’m back!!)

2020 reading plans

Hey Happy Bookworms! How are you all? How's 2020 going (I know it's only been 16 days but that's 384 hours so...….) Today, I thought I'd just do a fun little post about my reading plans for the new year! I know you're all probably bored to death with these kinda posts but...I'm interesting, ok?! … Continue reading 2020 reading plans