1 Year of ElatedBooks! (Pt. 1)

OMG! Happy Bookworms! I was checking my WordPress notifications and I saw 'Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!' And I was like, What? What Anniversary? Then I clicked on it and saw: Oh My God!! This is so CRAZY! I'm so unprepared, I mean people host giveaways, blog parties, just crazy things that take ages to plan … Continue reading 1 Year of ElatedBooks! (Pt. 1)


Book Update: September

Hey Happy Bookworms! I've got some GREAT news! My school's musical this year is Fame, and I think I've mentioned this before but I love singing - and acting - anyway, I auditioned and I got a part!! I'm playing Lambchops, this cool rocker-chick. I'm super excited!! Anyway! What have I been reading this month? … Continue reading Book Update: September

The Selection

Hey Happy Bookworms!! So, during the summer holidays I read the whole selection series by Kiera Cass, it was really enjoyable and I spent quite a few days just curled up in my bed reading. I don't regret a thing! 😂 A selection happens when the prince needs to marry, in this case, prince Maxon. … Continue reading The Selection

A Sad time

Hey Happy Bookworms! So, I wasn't sure what to write about this week and then I saw Maggie's post. This is only going to be a short post but I just wanted to say that throughout my time blogging Maggie has been a great role model to me - lot's of tips and tricks and … Continue reading A Sad time