Ash Princess

Hey Happy Bookworms!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages, holidays always fog up my mind! I never even know what day it is, my sense of time just slips through my fingers, I nearly missed blogging today because I forgot it was Thursday but here we are! Yay!

Today I’ll be reviewing ‘Ash Princess’ by Laura Sebastian. The publishing date is the 14/6/18 but I got a copy of the uncorrected proof to review for lovereading4kids.

As an indicator of how good this book is I read all 419 pages in under a week.

From the start of it I was instantly enthralled and desperate to read more of it. The characters are so good, it’s like the author has actually carved them from human emotion. The plot is so good too, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through! And the way the author describes some scenes, it had me crying, holding my breath in worry, and grinning from ear to ear.

Other reviewers have said the book was quite emotionally heavy for them and I would like to give a *trigger warning* for it as it features abuse quite heavily, both emotional and physical, and in quite a lot of detail. I think the book deals with the topic well though, highlighting the horrors of it but showing that eventually it comes to an end and you get through it. I would say that abuse isn’t the main theme in the book but it is definitely one of the main themes.

The story is told in the first person, from Theodosia’s perspective. A young lady in the court of the Kaiser, dubbed unceremoniously the ‘Ash Princess’. When Theo was six her homeland, Astrea, was invaded and her mother, the Queen, was murdered before her by the Kaiser’s most lethal warrior. Theo was then striped of her heritage and changed into lady Thora, or the Ash Princess.
She lives with only one more hope of rescue until the Kaiser makes her kill him herself. She is devastated but soon she discovers she has another hope and it’s like someone relit the fire inside her. And for the first time in years she lets herself remember who she really is, a Queen

I would definitely recommend reading this when it comes out!

And because I was so addicted to this book I will be eagerly awaiting the next one (It’s a trilogy, yay!) but that one won’t be out until this time next year (not yay…😭).

Hope you enjoyed this review, I think it’s my best one yet!


El xox

Amazon Pre-order

You can also pre-order it from the lovereading4kids website (the link is above)


A Sad time

Hey Happy Bookworms!

So, I wasn’t sure what to write about this week and then I saw Maggie’s post.

This is only going to be a short post but I just wanted to say that throughout my time blogging Maggie has been a great role model to me – lot’s of tips and tricks and friendly advice. And I’m sure you all know Maggie, and probably for longer than I have, she’s just such a great writer, and always has inspiring and creative posts.
I hope that you have a great Summer and hopefully will find a new passion.

If you don’t know Maggie it’s such a shame but she’s a great person and you might just be able to catch her or read some of her posts.

Thanks for reading and go and leave love on Maggie’s page!

Did you know Maggie? What’s she done to help you? How much are you going to miss her?


El xox

Book Update: July

Hey happy bookworms!

Welcome to another book update!

I am so bad at introductions… 😂


  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell • Buy here

This book had its ups and downs for me but overall I enjoyed it. Especially the last 50 or so pages that I rabidly binge read. I did like the ending too, it was as sweet or romantic as you wanted it to be (people who have read the book will get this!)

I loved Adam’s story but did find him a slightly strange balance of confident and not, it was strange (if you read it, did you think this). I didn’t really like the Queen’s story, as I talked about in my previous post. But, a good book.


  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater • Buy here

I’ve been really liking this book, it got kind of cast to the side due to release but since then, I’ve picked it back up and been really enjoying it! Right, obviously I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’m going to go against popular opinion and say that I feel so bad for Adam that Blue’s true love is Gansey and not him! I think Adam’s really sweet – please, don’t hate me!

  • Stuff matters by Mark Miodownik  • Buy here

I’ve actually been finding this book pretty interesting, it’s not laid out in a super hard to understand way, so it’s actually pretty cool. Did you know that concrete starts out as a jelly? The definition of a jelly is liquid contained within a sort of lattice of solid, the solid around concrete then bonds tighter together and it becomes able to support as walking around on it, along with all of our heavy things. How cool is that?



  • The selection by Kiera Cass (I’ve been wanting to read this for so long!)
  • State of sorrow by Melinda Salisbury (I saw this in the bookstore, it had such a beautiful cover, and then I read the blurb and it sounded so good)

Other mentions:

  • The hate U give by Angie Thomas (I’ve heard so many good things about this, I need to get round to reading it)
  • The DUFF by Kody Keplinger (It’s one of my best friend’s favourite movies, and so I would like to watch the movie, but also read the book!)
  • Soulmates by Holly Bourne (After reading It only happens in the movies I would love to read more from Holly Bourne)

GUYYYYYYSSS, my tbr on goodreads is such a long list!

Thanks for reading!


El xox

Life update

Hey happy bookworms!

So, a lot is going on right now and I just don’t have the time to write a book update like I would want so I’m going to try out a book update! I’ve never done one of these before so let’s see how this goes!

Yesterday was our end of year concert and it went pretty well, I didn’t really like the 2 songs we sung but I did have fun with my friends. I also liked looking around the art & DT displays.

A stressful thing that’s been happening this week is that musical auditions for next year are on Monday and I only just got my audition script. I only have to learn 5 lines but I also have to learn the song Fame! Plus my group is super busy so we only have time to practise Monday lunch – yes, that’s the same Monday the auditions are on.

I’ve also got my grade 1 piano exam on the weekend, I’ve been playing for years and just never wanted to do grades because they just seemed boring and I wanted to do piano for fun. But I decided that I want to do it for the experience.

We’ve been getting all our test scores back and I’ve done really well! I even got 100% on my maths test!! We’ve just got our French writing to get back.

Wish me luck on my audition!


El xox

Willoughby book club: May

Hey Happy Bookworms!!

How are you guys doing?

This month I got Release by Patrick Ness (Buy here), let’s see what I thought…

I’ve had a busy month because of all my tests, so it got to Monday and I hadn’t started the book yet! But I soon got into it because it’s super good, plus I think that it’s quite an easy book to get through (hence why I’m around 70% through it already). And I can happily report that I’ll be reading more after I’m finished writing this.

The book alternates between two different stories that happen in the same town. One (And I think the most dominant one) is about a boy called Adam, he lives in a very religious town, with old-fashioned values. His dad is even a Pastor. The thing is, Adam’s faith isn’t there – not like his brother’s – and as someone who’s in the closet, it’s hard. Especially when people (*cough* your brother *cough*) say that your love isn’t real love.
The other story is narrated by two characters, it’s an otherworldly theme and is about this girl who got murdered in the town, and her spirit is looking for revenge.

I really enjoy sitting down and reading about 50 pages of this, it’s really good for bulk reading.




I also love the cover art! If you look at the image, you can see that around the path, there’s two faces, it’s super cool!




The only think I kind of don’t like, is the two different stories (and I saw this in fangirl too) I tend to prefer one story and then get frustrated when I’m really into it and then have to read some of the less preferred story. But that’s just a personal thing.

Have you read release? What did you think of it? And what do you think of books that have two separate stories (not just different narrators)?


El xox


Hey Happy Bookworms!

Today I’ve got a slightly different post for you today! I’m going to be talking about keeping a diary, which is something I’ve been doing for years!

I really like keeping a diary because it helps me reflect on the day and write (get it, like talk) through anything that’s bothering me.

Throughout my diary keeping time 😂 I’ve gone through different writing styles (something that you wouldn’t even think would happen when writing a diary). When I first started I was so awkward! I guess that happens whenever you start something new though.
Then I started to feel like I HAD to record EVERYTHING, even all the boring bits. But I realised that that wasn’t why I should keep a diary, it should be a way to work on personal development. It should make me review everything I’ve done and think about what I still want, not start to feel like a chore.
So I changed my style again and now I write about all the important things.

Do you keep a diary? Have you ever tried to? Would you want to try?


El xox

Book Update: June

Hey Happy Bookworms!!

So, you may or may not have noticed that yesterday was Thursday and I didn’t post. Um.. but I’m posting today!

I’ve been reading all of you guy’s summer blogs but here in England, we haven’t broken up yet! This week is actually my exam week too :/
But It’s going really well, and…yay?


  • Paper towns by John Green • Buy here

So I finally finished this! GUYYYYSSSS! I really don’t know why it took me so long. It was kinda disappointing as I only liked the middle of the book and not the beginning or the end 😂

  • It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne • Buy here

I got lent this by a friend who said it was really good. It was just a cute book, you know? One of those ones that has cute romance in it but at the end the real message is to love yourself. Sometimes you just need to read a book like that so you can smile and feel all warm inside.

I haven’t finished that many books since I’ve been revising and it hasn’t been that long since my last book update post.


  • The Raven boys by Maggie Stiefvater • Buy here

I think I heard about this book a while back from Maggie (correct me if I’m wrong) and I just started reading it, so I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out. I also just realised that if Maggie did recommend this then the author’s also called Maggie!

  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell • Buy here

I read fangirl and liked it so I thought I would try this out.

Thanks for reading!


El xox

Bloggers Support Bloggers

Hey Happy Bookworms!!

So, here’s a BIG thank you to Jirah (her website) for nominating me for this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So I made this challenge because I want to spread love in the blogging community– and the easiest way to spread love is to support your co-blogger. In this way, there will be an endless chain of support in the blogosphere and I really hope for everyone to participate in this challenge. It’s also a way to tell a blogger how much you love their work, posts, writings and it’s also a way to promote new bloggers and help them grow in this community. Let us all spread love and together we can change the world. ❤

Jirah’s message about her tag


  1. Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and link their blog.
  2. Add the official photo in your page.
  3. List at least 5 bloggers you like. (Suggestion: You can list up 3 bloggers that you’ve known for a long time and you can also list up 2 newbies or more. It’s up to you though!)
  4. In 5 sentences or above, give a short description about why you love the blogger.
  5. Tag at least 3 bloggers to do the challenge.
  6. Put #bloggerssupportbloggers in the Tags section so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find!

Does this count? Can I do this?!
Anyway…Jirah has been there literally since I started, she followed me and has always supported me. Her content is so unique and always inspiring!

Maggie has also been there since the beginning and so supportive! She always writes lovely comments and always makes sure to go back and read all posts. She’s such an interesting person and it shows through her writing.

Syd is soooooo nice! She’s so charismatic and loving and has AMAZING photography! I love all her photos and it’s so cute how she supports and promotes her friends.

I love, love, love all of Annie’s posts! She’s absolutely hilarious and her posts are so interesting and logically fascinating 😂 (I didn’t know what to call it!)

Bayance’s posts are always so relatable and funny (also littered with gifs and funny pictures!). I also think it’s so great that she’s also addressing serious topics on her blog. ❤

My nominees!

  1. Marshmallow harmonies
  2. Em in the sun
  3. All of the people I mentioned above!

Thanks for reading!

Comment down below if you’ve done this tag!


El xox

Willoughby Book Club: May

Hey Happy Bookworms!

This month’s book was ‘How to keep a boy as a pet’. So, um…yeah.

First, I strongly disagree with the title of the book, to suggest that a human could be kept as an animal, even though that wasn’t the message of the book, it totally could have been called something else. And because of this if I were to see the book in a bookshop the name would dissuade me from picking it up.

The story itself is ok, it started off boring and a little annoying but perked up a bit midway through.

This is quite a short post because I can’t really talk about it, since I finished it a week or so ago and it wasn’t that memorable because it wasn’t that good.

All in all, if you have the book and the time to read it then, sure, go ahead and read it, but I wouldn’t advise you to go buy it.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

When you’re reading a bad book do you abandon it or endure it? I always like to finish my books, I mean, they might get better, and I just feel guilty about it if I don’t.


El xox

Buy here <– Amazon link

Book Update: May

Hey Happy Bookworms!

How are you guys doing? For me, this is my last week of school before we have our half term, so tomorrow is my last day!!

Update: Metamorphosis went really well! So, I’m excited to see what I got on it.


  • Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian • Buy here

I’ve got quite a lot to get through, and you don’t want to read the review again so here’s the link to my previous review.

I’ve also decided that instead of writing ‘I can’t tell you about this one’ because it’s my book club book, I’ll just leave it off.

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell • Buy here

This is a bit more of a chunky book but I still read it quickly as you just get sucked into the world of Cath and all her quirks! It’s a book about growing up and becoming your own person, while still holding family as important (a lesson that one of the characters has to learn). The only thing I didn’t enjoy too much (which is a totally personal thing and I’m not saying anything about the quality of the writing) was the Simon Snow extracts (the books Cath fangirls over, basically a knock-off Harry Potter) I just didn’t find them interesting and I wasn’t invested in THAT story.

I’m also about to read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.

  • The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson • Buy here

If you need a recap, click here.

  • The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams • Buy here

This was something I would never pick out for myself (since it’s a sci-fi) but my dad brought it for me so I read it, and although it doesn’t place in my favourites it was funny. And since we have the second book (and they’re only small) I’ll read it.

This was an extremely interesting book but I wish the ending was better. I’m all for a book that doesn’t have all the strings tied up at the end because it makes you wonder but I felt that this one needed just a bit more clarity. The book explores life in a cult, not the murderous ones that you hear about on TV but a much more common type, based on mother nature. As harmless as this lifestyle seems at first you start to see the flaws behind it and the evil controlling it.


  • Paper towns by John Green • Buy here

I know, I know, I’ve been ‘reading’ this for ages but I finally put it in my school book so that I would actually finish it and not just leave it lying around! It’s definitely picked up, even though it’s not going to be one of my favourites. I am thoroughly enjoying the car ride to find Margo though.

The reason I’m not reading a lot right now is because I’m trying to finish all my books before half term, it’s going well!

I’d just like to say 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 to my Grandma, because it was her birthday on Tuesday, and I know she reads these! ❤


El xox


Hey Happy Bookworms!

So, today’s blog isn’t about a book but about a play! Not one that I’ve gone to see but one that we’re doing in drama called Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is a novella originally written by Franz Kafka but adapted into a screenplay by Steven Berkoff (you might know him from a movie you’ve watched – he’s been in a lot). The main story is about a boy (Gregor Samsa) who wakes up one day as an insect.

We’re doing the first bit (about 2 A4 pages) for a drama assessment and I’m really excited for it! I’m playing Mrs Samsa, my best friend (Cos 😂) is playing Mr Samsa, then the two other people in our group are playing Greta and Gregor. I’m feeling good about it because I know that all of us are going to learn our lines and the movements, it always sucks when the people in your group don’t pull their weight! Also, we’re keeping the original lines but making our own stage directions, which is super cool because of how the play is staged.

Take a look at this adaptation of it, ours obviously isn’t as good as we don’t have the props, lighting, music or as much time as these GCSE students, as ours is only an end of unit assessment but you get the idea of the types of movements and staging.

What would you do if you woke up as an insect one day?

Wish me luck on my assessment!


El xox